Okay, so, this wiki looks dead. I think it's because of the fact that Whyville is failing as it's evolving through the years. Who doesn't love the old whyville? The new pages are all updated into this whole new format. Mind you, this is very recent. It happened 1-2 years ago. I personally dislike any advances or changes Whyville makes. However, they are bring back the senate race, and it's not currently happening I'm putting up a new page on this Wiki so I can express my love for the old Whyville, it's changes, and how it was before. However, I'm a pretty recent member. I joined in mid 2007. Still newbie, in my terms. So I'll base this page on my knowlege and experiences. Remember when Whyville was filled with people, no matter what day, time or place? Remember when the only hangout places WEREN'T just the Beaches (newbie hangout), Sun Roof (Oldbie/rich people), Woods (Emo kids) and Mall (I don't know how to sterotype this group...)? Remember when people hung out at all the places, and all the chatrooms? Those were the days. ==Enough reminscising.== Whyville has all new features. They took away the Why-passes, and replaced them with pearls. They now have pets, which you can feed, play with, make them fetch things for you, and make you dig things up for them. They also have a new scion model. I forgot what the model number was, but I think it's Tc...? No, maybe not. Something along those lines. They have a new game Spot that scion, which is a game which involves you finding a scion which matches a riddle. Each scion you find is potentially 80 clams each. Well whyville is still good i love whyville i think yhid eiki looks dead