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Whyville Wiki
Created By: Bill and Zach
Opening Date: February 1, 2008
Host: Wikia
Old Version:
Revisions: 4

Welcome to the Whyville Wiki, the only wiki about Whyville on the web. This wiki covers everything from City Workers to Salary Games. As you will read below, the Whyville Wiki went through many changes to get where it is today. Keep Reading!


  • February 2008
    • The Whyville Wiki opens to the public on new host Wikia
    • The first theme and pages emerge
  • May 2008
    • After ignoring the Wiki for months, the creators come back to try to fix it up.
    • New articles are being added again for public use.

The Regular Wiki Logo. This logo is used when the user sets their theme to 'Wikipedia' style. Notice that the Whyville Toucan is blurry.